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Application to start a discussion list

Queensland Public Library staff members wishing to start a discussion list to facilitate communication with their colleagues should first ensure that they have read the State Library of Queensland's discussion list conditions of use, particularly the responsibilities of list owners, before completing and submitting the form below.

Note: fields marked with an * asterisk are required fields.

Email address of list owner.
Please enter the name of the list owner's place of work.
Enter the desired list name. It must be at least 5 characters but no more than 15 characters long, and must contain only lower case, alphabetic characters.
Give a long title for your list. This information must be no more than 50 characters (not words). It will be visible in the To: field of each message to the list.
Give a brief description of the list including the list policy. This information will automatically be sent as part of the welcome message to new subscribers to the list and will be used as part of the list description on the web page for the list. 50-70 words is recommended.
Passwords allow list owners to add or remove members; amend messages; remove outdated material. Please ensure that your password has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 alpha or numeric characters.
Open or Closed * An open list is one where anybody can subscribe themselves. A closed list requires the list owner to add members.
Privacy * A private list requires approval from the list owner. Most lists are private lists.
Moderation * Should the list be moderated? Choose "Yes" only if you want to receive all mssages for your approval before they are distributed to list subscribers.

Security key

You must enter the string of letters displayed below in the small text box.

Security key

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Your privacy

The State Library of Queensland respects your privacy. Personal information we collect is used only for our internal activities and functions (Libraries Act 1988) and will not be discussed unless required by law. For more information, please read the State Library's privacy statement.

Last updated
3rd April 2017