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Enabling the Vision

State Library of Queensland (State Library) supports the ongoing development and enhancement of a state-wide and cohesive network of public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) as they progress in their journeys toward becoming fully realised 21st century libraries. Realising our potential: A vision for Queensland public libraries (the Vision) recognises the diversity of public libraries and IKCs as they continue to evolve to fully realise the Vision. Ten enablers underpin four objectives of realising our potential, deeply local outcomes, extending our reach, and future focused workforce. Below we outline the range of services and initiatives State Library provides to enable Queensland’s network of public libraries and IKCs to realise the Vision.


Establishing an aspirational, contemporary and trusted narrative for 21st century libraries.

  • Funding and grants support the development of high-quality library and library-related services and initiatives
  • The Public Libraries Advisory Group provides advice on library and library-related projects of significant strategic importance
  • The Queensland Local Studies Group shares information about best practice and aspects relating to local studies collections and preserving Queensland’s documentary heritage
  • The Young Peoples Libraries Group is a forum to share information, resources and learning on programs, projects and services for children and young people in Queensland libraries and IKCs
  • Research promotes the value of public libraries and IKCs and the importance of providing a quality library and library-related service to local communities

Future Ready

Supporting the evolution of library services in response to new trends and emergent issues.

  • The Public Libraries Connect website is a hub of ideas, resources and services developed for the use of public library and IKC staff
  • The Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland program enables older people to develop the skills and confidence to use technology
  • The Deadly Digital Communities program supports 26 Queensland remote and regional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to build and enhance their digital literacy skills and interact in the digital world irrespective of where they live
  • Digital literacy resource kits ensure all communities have access to new and emerging technology
  • Coding and robotics resources support libraries and IKCs to get started in learning coding and robotics

Commitment to Improve

A consistent evidence-based commitment to ongoing evaluation of our programs, services and collections.

  • Discussion and announcement lists facilitate information exchange, foster collaboration and support professional communication and development within the Queensland public library and IKC communities
  • The Creative Spaces Impact Framework helps libraries and IKCs to plan and evaluate creative activities
  • The WELCOME Toolkit helps libraries and IKCs to plan, develop and evaluate community outreach and engagement strategies aimed at hard-to-reach groups and non-members


Ensuring our library leaders and workforce are skilled and future focused.

Our Place in the Public Realm

Extending and promoting the value of the library as a vital place and service in community life.

  • The Languages Other Than English (LOTE) collection, which has over 70,000 items in more than 50 languages, supports libraries to provide services to their LOTE communities
  • The Ideas Box partnership enables remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to access technology, and creative and learning opportunities
  • Play Space Pop-Ups support libraries and IKCs to deliver learning spaces for children and families in their libraries

Library Spaces

A trusted hub that builds social capital and supports community resilience.

  • The Welcome Toolkit supports libraries to create a welcoming environment, provide information and develop services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Investing in Learning and Literacy

Libraries as trusted places for lifelong learning and intergenerational connection.

  • First 5 Forever is a family literacy initiative delivered by public libraries and IKCs with the primary aim of providing strong early literacy foundations for all Queensland children aged 0-5 years
  • The Summer Reading Club is an annual program delivered physically and online in libraries and IKCs that aims to encourage a continued love of reading and ongoing multi-literacy skills development amongst children and young people during the summer holidays
  • Statewide eresources are provided for the use of any public library or IKC member in Queensland
  • Storytelling resources are available for loan by any public library or IKC
  • Creative Community Computing workshops are an online resource for libraries and IKCs to deliver a computer recycling and digital literacy program


Being bold about sharing our stories and achievements.

  • The Public Libraries Connect blog provides an opportunity to connect, and share information, good practice and learnings, across public libraries and IKCs

Locally Connected

Libraries as a vibrant contributor to the community, delivering services in response to local needs.

  • Book club sets are available for loan to established book club groups through Queensland public libraries and IKCs

Partnership Possibilities

Leveraging our investment, and creating partnership opportunities across the state and beyond.

Last updated
23rd October 2018