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Data visualisation

State Library of Queensland has commissioned the development of a prototype Data Visualisation Tool which incorporates data from the Queensland Public Libraries Statistical Bulletins from 2011-2016. The aim of this prototype is to examine whether data patterns, anomalies and opportunities can be more easily identified, analysed and understood through a variety of simple visualisation techniques. At this stage the Tool is still a prototype and is best used for demonstration/test purposes. 

The prototype Data Visualisation Tool aims to showcase recent Queensland public library data in a more visual and accessible format and to enable public library staff to explore if data visualisation can offer easier and more accessible ways to compare data that may inform future decisions. The prototype tool is a static interface which incorporates a series of interactive sections which can be changed by the user, and which will visually interpret specific library data areas using charts, graphs, maps etc..

Data areas represented in the Data Visualisation Tool includes but is not limited to:

  1. Financial (Charges, Expenditure [Operating, Materials and Capital Expenditure] and Income)
  2. Facilities and services
  3. Information Technology
  4. Events and programs (inc. Local government)
  5. Membership
  6. Staff
  7. Stock (Acquisitions, Withdrawals and Resources)
  8. Usage
  9. Regional Map

To request login details or for more information about the Tool please contact Regional Partnerships

Last updated
18th May 2017