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Public Library Grant

State Library provides an annual grant to local governments to support the development of high-quality library services guided by VISION 2017 to meet the diverse needs of the whole community.

2017-18 grant allocations  (XLSX 49.7 KB)

For Independent Libraries 50% of the grant is tied to collection expenditure as defined in the Collection Expenditure Information Guide   (PDF 113.7 KB), and up to 50% can be spent on library priorities:

The grant funding is automatically indexed each year for population growth, and is administered under a Service Level Agreement.

In lieu of a cash grant, local governments participating in Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ) receive a notional allocation which funds the purchase of library materials and eresources accessed from a networked web catalogue. The physical library materials are refreshed regularly at each site. In addition, a cash grant is paid directly to RLQ local governments for libraries that operate 6 hours or more per week for local needs such as tablets, ereaders, programming or other resources. The notional grant funding is automatically indexed each year for population growth, and is administered under a Service Level Agreement.


The Public Library Grant Methodology is the method used to determine how funds are allocated to public libraries from the Public Library Grant. It includes the formula by which allocations are made to Independent public libraries, the Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ) service and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs).  The existing methodology is in place until 30 June 2018.

Triennial review

The Public Library Grant is reviewed triennially and aims to ensure Queensland Government strategic priorities are addressed and there is equity in the provision of funding to Local Government to support the provision of public library services in Queensland.

Consultation on the Discussion Paper is now closed

The feedback will be reviewed and any amendments progressed through the Public Libraries Advisory Group and the Library Board of Queensland. This review period will also include the VISION 2017 strategic visioning statement and the OPAL Program Framework to ensure alignment across all strategic documents and guidelines.

Calculating the methodology

The methodology currently used to distribute the allocations to local governments is calculated as follows:

  • 66% is distributed as an equal per capita component
  • 30% is distributed on weightings reflecting:
    • population growth rates
    • proportion of people aged 55 years and over
    • proportion of people aged 0-14
  • 4% is distributed relative to proportion of the Indigenous population.

This total is then weighted by:

  • a location index (derived from Local Government Grants Commission)
  • a dispersion index derived from the number of separate library services (including mobile libraries) and the population density.

The funding amount is indexed each year for population growth. The current model is in place until 30 June 2018.

Last updated
12th December 2017