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Planning tools

Australian and International listings and information about library design:

Designing Libraries - the centre for library design and innovation: a resource for library planning and design, a database of library buildings and a marketplace for services

Whole Building Design Guide -  a useful US guide to space planning for public library buildings, including collection space and space for different uses

Planning and designing library buildings and services - books, journal articles and online resources on key aspects of library planning, service specification, design and building

People Places: A Guide for Public Library Buildings in New South Wales - a practical tool for planning and construction of public library buildings

Seattle Public Library - links to various papers examining planning and building issues

Model program for public libraries – an interactive, web-based inspiration catalogue and tools that are to communicate new knowledge, best practise and inspiration for brand new space/function interplay for library developers

IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment - all matters concerning the design and construction for all types of libraries in all parts of the world, and their furnishing and equipment

Learning Space Toolkit - a free resource to help librarians to learn more about the needs and expectations of their community members, and then use that knowledge to design better library environments for study, learning, creativity, interactivity and more - a database presenting the best new library buildings in Europe

Library Journal's 10 Steps to a Better Library Interior: Tips That Don't Have To Cost a Lot

Checklist for new library buildings

This document will assist with the planning of your new building including planning the opening event and beyond

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25th October 2016