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Policies and protocols

State Library of Queensland policies

Queensland Public Library Standards and Guidelines are a guide towards achieving best practice in the management of public library services in Queensland.

Service Level Agreement for Public Library Service Provision includes a copy of the Agreement, and a strategic plan development guide.

Libraries for literacy – every day, every way: 2011-2014 (PDF 732KB) - a framework of service elements to inform delivery of sustainable literacy support in libraries.

Content Strategy provides a framework for State Library to define its collecting role and focus on the development of collections which tell the story of Queensland.

State Library of Queensland policies - policies, standards, protocols and collaborative principles guiding State Library in its activities.

Other jurisdiction's policies

Standards for public library services in Australia and overseas - These standards reflect the general position of the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) on issues that have an impact on the library and information sector.

National Policy Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library Services and Collections - This policy framework is to guide progressive action across National, State and Territory library institutions in their plans and approaches to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander library services and collections.

Sample customer service charter (WORD 36KB) - A sample of a customer service charter for public libraries, with notes to assist libraries in developing their own charters.

Volunteers in libraries

Many public libraries make good use of volunteers.The Queensland Public Library Standards and Guidelines - Staffing Standard recommends that written policies should be in place to guide the use of volunteers, including definition of tasks which they should undertake. Following are sample documents relating to the use of volunteers.

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21st September 2017