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Case study four: Cleveland and Victoria Point Library, Redlands Library Service

Redlands Library Service is located within the Redland City Council area near Brisbane and serves a population of 145,336. Of its seven libraries, Cleveland and Victoria Point are the two largest libraries. Cleveland has a public area of 1,405 m2 and Victoria Point has a public area of 1,161m2.

Code Club: Cleveland Library

Redlands Library Service has been exploring the potential for using the library as a place for children to learn computer coding skills to create animation projects, games, websites and robots. Funded by the SLQ’s Technology Trendsetter’s Grant, there have been three terms of activity for students from years five and six at Cleveland State School.

While 10 to 12 year olds might not have a career direction in mind, some of the participants were keen to pursue coding and had done their own explorations at home. Others thought it would be useful for them when they did try to get a job or go on to further education after school. They found Code Club to be fun and interactive; they enjoyed hanging out with other children and sharing what they had done. Students encouraged each other and tested the games each other had coded. All had a sense of achievement in creating and completing a simple game as part of the course and were given certificates of completion to mark their success.

To find out more about Code Club, watch the video below and download the full report  (PDF 1.1 MB)

Indications of creative impact of Code Club.

Indications of creative impact of Code Club.

Robot Bootcamp: Victoria Point Library

The Redlands Libraries also ran several school holiday activities including Robot Bootcamp, creating video games with Scratch and controllers using Makey Makey devices; using conductive paint to make craft activities that were more science-oriented and interactive; getting children started with electronics using Arduinos and other electronic components.

The meeting room at the Victoria Point library was set up with a number of desks and chairs for workstations and children worked in pairs to create their robots in the two-hour session. Using the library provided a contained space and avoided disturbances between other library clients.

Instructions were projected onto the wall and participants were taken through the process systematically, from construction of the robot to coding. Principles of coding were emphasised throughout the instructions.

Participants were excited and proud of what they had achieved within the session. Similarly, parents, grandparents and guardians were impressed and delighted when they came to collect their children. Children participating took time to demonstrate and explain their robots to their parents/carers, some of these were very animated and detailed demonstrating their learning and interest.

To find out more about Robot Bootcamp, watch the video below and download the full report  (PDF 1.1 MB)

Indications of creative impact of the Robot Bootcamp.

Indications of creative impact of the Robot Bootcamp.

Case study four - Redlands Library - Matt

Video length: 03 minutes 12 seconds

Matt was a reference librarian at Redlands Library Service. He has extended his skill set to include teaching local teenagers a range of digital literacies like robotics and coding. Redlands libraries run a range of computing, coding and robotics classes for students both through the school term and as special school holiday programs. Here he discusses the value of these programs for the community.

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8th August 2016