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Case study one: Ayr Library, Burdekin Shire Council

Burdekin Shire Council runs a small library service in Northern Queensland serving a local population of 17,913 (SLQ Library Bulletin Statistics 2014). The main library is in Ayr, with a second branch library at Homehill.

In July 2015, Ayr Library established a media lab – Ideas@108 – situated within the library next to a meeting room. The lab includes three computers and three 3D printers with Tinker Cad software, Ozobots and Spheros. This allows space for desks and equipment without affecting the activities of the main library area. It also allows for sessions to be held outside of library hours, with an alternative access available to this area.

The Seniors' Computing Class: Diane's Story

Diane is one of the regular Seniors' Computing Class participants and comes to the tech talks by the library manager to learn more about technology, how to use it, what to look out for and the potential it offers.

Diane comes with her husband for whom she is a full-time carer. She enjoys the classes as they provide ‘something I can do at home…and still be looking after him, but it gives me a challenge like how do I get the photos off my camera and on to my computer.’ They provide the knowledge to allow Diane to connect with family. ‘My grandchildren are on the Gold Coast and I would never have been able to keep the contact I have if it wasn’t more the Facebook and Skype those types of things.’ Diane noted that, ‘I feel it does a lot for my confidence and as a result I want to share the information because I know what it felt like when I started.'

For Diane the classes are much more than just a learning experience. They also provide a chance to meet people and get out of the house. Diane said of the Seniors Computing Class that, ‘It brings people together’. She explained, ‘I’m an import. I’d lived in the Burdekin for like 15 years, because we are involved with horses and just didn’t meet people at all. Since coming to the classes, you’re meeting more people, getting friendly with more people, getting more confidence with being classed as a local. It’s just a nice social atmosphere as well as the information side.'

To find out more about the Ayr Library, watch the videos below and download the full report  (PDF 1.1 MB)

Indications of creative impact of the Senior's Computing Class

Indications of creative impact of the Senior's Computing Class.

Video length: 02 minutes

Diane is a regular at the Ayr Public Library's seniors computing class. She talks with us here about the benefits she derives from the classes and their importance to the community.

Video length: 02 minutes 42 seconds

John is the Manager of the Burdekin Library Service. He chats here about the development of the new Ideas@108 Space situated in the library. It provides the residents of Ayr with access to digital technology and supports the creativity of the local community.

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8th August 2016