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Case study two: Helensvale Library, Gold Coast Library Service

Helensvale Library is one of 14 libraries in the Gold Coast Library Service. The total Gold Coast population is 524,583 making it one of the major urban areas in South East Queensland.

The Helensvale Library was built in 2013 as part of the Helensvale Cultural Centre. The library has a total public floor area of 2,598m2. It also incorporates a specialist Digital Media Lab on the lower level of the multi-functional community building which has a separate access to the main library

The Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab is a digital creation space open to all. It can be used for individual, collaborative group work or training sessions. The Digital Media Lab includes eight computers and two printers (including a 3D printer). It has a range of creative software packages loaded onto high-end computers, a scanner, various tablets, video cameras and other equipment available to allow the public to design and create digital content. It offers a space for the creation of digital arts, the development of digital skills and for collaboration on digital experimentation and learning.

Mikayla is a Griffith University student currently studying multimedia design, majoring in 3D design work. She was an intern at the Digital Media Lab, and finds the use of the lab invaluable for her assignments. With dreams of working internationally, Mikayla provides an example of how a media lab in a library on the Gold Coast can help a young person grow a career and reach for their aspirations.

To find out more about the Digital Media Lab, and Mikayla's story, watch the videos below and download the full report  (PDF 1.1 MB)

Indications of creative impact of Mikayla's engagement with 3D printing.

Indications of creative impact of Mikayla's engagement with 3D printing.

Video length: 02 minutes

Mikayla is a Digital Media Design student who regularly visits the Digital Media Lab at Helensvale public library. Here she is discussing the value and benefit of the Lab for her art and design work.

Video length: 03 minutes

The Digital Media Lab is part of the Gold Coast Regional Library Service. It provides access and tutorials in a wide range of digital media. Here Salvador Cantellano discusses the benefits of the lab for the local community of Helensvale.

The Garden Club: Beekeeping session

The Helensvale Library runs a regular activity for the Garden Club, inviting visiting speakers to present, and sharing cuttings, seeds, and knowledge among members. One guest presentation was on beekeeping. While the activity description advertised a session on processes and methods of apiary, the talk developed into a series of tips on small business and suggestions for looking after clients and service providers. The presenter shared details of stocking and caring for bees, how orders are processed, how to keep good relationships with service providers, the risks and pitfalls for the beekeeper, and the types of different opportunities that beekeeping could present. Her presentation included many visual aids including samples of bees, pests and postal packs. She presented a detailed history of her family’s involvement in beekeeping and the various successes and failures along the way. The participants were all of a similar age to the presenter, and engaged with, and related to, her presentation.

To find out more about the Garden Club and the impact of the Beekeeping session, download the full report  (PDF 1.1 MB)

Indications of creative impact of the Beekeeping session.

Indications of creative impact of the Beekeeping session.

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8th August 2016