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Reference enquiries and visits

Reference enquiries and physical visits to the library are standard performance measures that all Queensland public libraries should collect.  These performance measures are incorporated into the annual Statistical Bulletin and the national public library statistical report.  For further information on the reporting requirements refer to the Operational Services Standard, section 1.2.4 Standard for statistical collection and analysis.

The collection method for these statistics can be either a continuous year-round count or by way of four annual samples.  These samples are then used to determine an annual estimate, where the totals of the sample periods are multiplied by 6.5 to provide estimated annual statistics.  You will be asked to indicate the collection method used when entering data for the annual Statistical Bulletin return.

Reference enquiries sampling

A reference enquiry may include any transaction where a staff member finds or recommends library resources, assists in the use of these resources or answers the enquirer's question regarding the use of devices to access sources of information.

  • Omit directional and administrative enquiries
  • Include enquiries regarding the location and use of physical resources
  • Include demonstrating and troubleshooting eResources
  • Include queries regarding apps and functions of personal devices to access resources
  • Include assistance in the use of public pcs, including locating and downloading forms and uploading documents

Each separate transaction by the same library user should be counted as a new enquiry.

Recording forms

Choose either the Expanded or Condensed version of the form below, depending on your local circumstances and requirements.

Physical visits sampling

An important distinction with this measure is that it is reporting visits, not visitors. A physical visit to the library is defined as a visit to the library by a member of the public, where the same visitor returning numerous times is to be counted on each separate entry to the library.  It is recommended that the same sample periods are used for both reference enquiries and physical visits.

Sample periods

The sample periods are set for 14 calendar days, beginning on a Sunday and concluding on a Saturday. This ensures the full spread of library opening hours are included, whatever combination of hours or days your library is open to the public.

02 February – 15 February
10 May – 23 May
20 September – 03 October (School Holiday Sample)
08 November – 21 November

Last updated
21st January 2020