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Announcement list

A type of list where a list owner typically posts announcements for viewing by list members, but where the members cannot respond or engage in discussion about the posts.


Mail sent to a list may be saved in the list archives. You can view archives by visiting your list and looking under the Messages tab.

Closed list

This is set up so that only the owner of a list can approve subscriptions. For example, a list might be set up so that only members of a specific work unit are subscribed.


This is a file compilation of messages sent to a list. (A list must be set up to have archives before digests will work.) Subscribers can get periodic digests instead of individual messages. For example, if you are set up to receive digests, you will get one message every day with all the mail sent to the list on that day attached to your single message.

Discussion list

A type of list where members are encouraged to post emails to foster discussion and interaction with other members.


This term is interchangeable with list, mailing list or discussion list.  See List below for an explanation.


This is a group of email addresses, all of which you can email at once by sending a message to one address. Messages sent to the list are redistributed to subscribers of the list. A particular list's address will have the format:

List owner/administrator

The person who creates and maintains a list is considered the list owner or list administrator. There can be multiple owners/admins. An owner/admin is a subscriber with special permissions.

List server

The list server is the name given to the computer hardware/software that creates lists and allows them to be used.


This is the name of the specific, proprietary software that controls the administration and use of the lists set up by the State Library of Queensland. People send requests to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a particular list to Lyris. The person who owns a list also sends maintenance commands to Lyris. For lists hosted by State Library, all commands and requests to the software are sent to


This is a subscriber authorised to approve/reject postings to a list. If a list is moderated, the list owner is the moderator. Moderation means that all messages must be approved prior to being sent to subscribers of the list.

Open list

A list which anyone with email or web access can join. Therefore, anyone can send to these lists (including spammers!).


This is a method of sending mail to list subscribers. This can be done by sending email to the list. 

Private list

A private mailing list is one where only people who are approved by the list owner are allowed to join the mailing list. 


A person who subscribes to or receives mail from a list.


Last updated
23rd November 2018