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List member information

  1. Subscribing to a list
  2. Confirming your subscription
  3. Sending messages to the list
  4. Replying to a message
  5. Unsubscribing from a list
  6. Accessing archived messages
  7. Adjusting your personal settings

1.  Subscribing to a list

It's easy to join one of the State Library of Queensland's discussion or announcement lists. Just choose the list that you want to join from our page of lists and follow the instructions to subscribe either by email or through the web interface.

For example, if Jane Doe wants to join a list called libman, she would:

  • send an email to
  • type the words "subscribe libman" (without the quotes) in the body of her mail
  • leave the subject line blank.

For example:


------- Message Text --------

subscribe libman

If the list is a closed list, your request to subscribe will be forwarded to the list owner for approval. (Lyris knows who you are when you submit the request because it extracts your address from the header of the email message containing your request. This prevents errors in entering your email address.)

2.  Confirming your subscription

Shortly after sending your request to subscribe, you will usually receive a standard email message asking you to reply to authenticate your subscription. Then you will receive another standard welcoming email, giving you a brief description of the list and information on how to unsubscribe from the list. This message details the State Library's discussion list conditions of use, so please keep this message.

3.  Sending messages to the list

You can use any email client - Outlook, Google Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. - to send a message (post) to the list. You must be a member of the list and you must use the email address that you used for subscription.

  • send an email to the actual name of the list, e.g.,
  • include a concise, descriptive subject for your message
  • type your message (or question) in the body of the email
  • include your signature

All the list members will receive your message.

4.  Replying to a message

To reply to a message (post) just hit the "reply" option in your email package. By default, the State Library's mailing lists are set to send your reply to the author of the original message. If you want to send your message to all list members, use your email program's "Reply All" option.

5.  Unsubscribing from a list

It's just as easy to unsubscribe from as to subscribe to a list. Just choose the list that you want to leave from our list of lists and follow the instruction to unsubscribe, by email.

6.  Accessing archived messages

All messages posted to a list are saved or archived, so you can return whenever you need to and check the list archive. There is no time limit on the archive so all messages that have ever been posted to a list should be in the archive (unless the list owner has been "cleaning up"). The only method of accessing archived messages is via the web interface.

  • Access the relevant mailing list by choosing the list from our list of lists and clicking the list name.

You will be prompted to login using your email address

  • Enter your email address and then click "OK"
  • Click the "Search" button in the left hand navigation
  • Type your words (what you remember from the message) into the search box and Click the "Search" button

7.  Adjusting your personal settings

To adjust your personal settings for a list, access that list (see example below) and then choose the My Account tab and adjust any of the options under the following two tabs:


  • Your email address: you can change the email address that you use to subscribe to the list here. Note that you will need to use the new address the next time you login.
  • Your name: Here is where you would update how your name appears in your postings.
  • Membership Type: this is how you receive your mail. Options include:
    • Normal: receive messages as they are contributed
    • Digest: one daily message with all the contributions for that day
    • Mime digest: one daily message with all the contributions for that day in MIME format
    • Index: one daily message with only the subject lines for that day
    • No email: receive no mail from this mailing list


  • Your Password: You can change your list password here and then you must verify it.  Virtually, you are entering the new password twice.
  • See your postings: Setting which determines if you get an email copy of your own postings sent to you upon submission.

For example, you are a member of the libman list and you wish to change your settings.

  • Go to the web page for libman. Select the list name.
  • Provide your email address. Click OK
  • You may be prompted for a password. If so, and you are NOT the owner of the list, provide any password allocated to you by Lyris list owner. In many instances, no password will have been allocated, so you would leave the area blank. If you ARE the list owner, provide the password for the list.
  • Go to My account and adjust any of the options listed under Essential or Advanced as previously specified.

Last updated
23rd November 2018