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List owner information

  1. Responsibilities of list owners
  2. Accessing the Lyris web interface
  3. Checking or changing your list settings
  4. Subscribing a member
  5. Unsubscribing a member
  6. Banning a member
  7. Moderating a list/forum
  8. Getting help with your list

1. Responsibilities of list owners

When you apply to start a discussion list, the State Library of Queensland's discussion list administrator will set up your list using default settings.

From then on, as a list/forum owner (or administrator), you are responsible for managing all aspects of your list including subscribing, unsubscribing, moderating, editing, changing settings, etc.

The responsibilities of list/forum owners, members and site administrator are documented. List/forum owners reponsibilities are repeated below:

  • Support subscribers
  • Read all mail sent to their list
  • Attend to bounced messages within 2 working days
  • Track down subscriber address changes (where appropriate)
  • Remove subscribers who do not follow the State Library's list policy
  • Ensure confidentiality of members' personal information
  • Ensure that someone else assumes list owner responsibilities during your recreation leave
  • Ensure that your list complies with list owner settings.

2. Accessing the Lyris web interface

Lyris provides two options for managing your list - via the Lyris web interface or via email. To use email commands to manage your list, check the Lyris help pages. As the Lyris web interface provides an easy way to manage your list, these instructions refer to the web interface.

To access the Lyris web interface:

You will be presented with your list/forum. If you own more than one list/forum, select the one you wish to work on.

3. Checking or changing your list settings

You can change most of your list/forum settings so that your list/forum works in the way that you want it to work. However the State Library has designated some settings as "compulsory" for all lists/forums. These are to protect the security of our servers and the privacy of your members. Before you change your list/forum settings check the list owner settings document to identify which are designated "compulsory" and which are optional.

  • Access the Lyris web interface (described in point 2 above)
  • Select Utilities > List settings
  • Check or change the required setting.

4. Subscribing a member

Most State Library lists/forums are private lists/forums - anyone may request to subscribe but all requests must be approved by the list owner. The subscriber will receive a message from Lyris saying that her/his request to subscribe was forwarded to the list owner for approval. The subscriber must wait until the list owner approves or rejects the subscription request.

The list owner then receives an email stating that the subscriber wishes to subscribe to the list. The email contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to approve or reject the subscription via email. The list owner can follow those instructions and approve the subscription via email, or, approve via the web interface:

  • Access the Lyris web interface (described in point 2 above)
  • Select "Members" > "View members"
  • Click the drop-down box immediately under the words "Members : View Members" (it will be displaying a blank) and select "Show: private (awaiting admin approval)".

Lyris will show only those who have made subscription requests but have not yet been approved.

  • You can Delete all in window
    highlight each email address, go to Settings and change the membership status to "normal member"
  • Select "Save".

Note: If the subscription request is approved via the Lyris web interface, the subscriber will not receive the list's Hello message. You must approve the subscription via email if you want the Hello message to be sent.

If you decide to reject a subscription request, it is common courtesy to inform the user why the subscription was rejected. However, with the increasing number of spam emails that each list owner is receiving, use your judgement and delete those emails that are obviously spammers.

5. Unsubscribing a member

  • Access the Lyris web interface (described in point 2 above)
  • Select Members
  • Highlight the relevant email address
  • Tick the box marked, "Are you sure?"
  • Select "Delete Member"

6. Banning a member

Use the ban command to stop a person subscribing or posting to your list.

  • Access the Lyris web interface (described in point 2 above)
  • Select Members > Ban addresses
  • Select Create New Ban
  • Enter the user name (everything to the left of the @ symbol in the email address) and Domain (everything to the left of the @symbol in the email address). For example, in the email address,, username=jane.citizen,
  • Click Save
  • At the "Create this ban" prompt, click OK
  • At the "Saved. You have banned the email address...." message, click OK.

7. Moderating a list

To prevent inappropriate postings to your list/forum, you may opt to vet (moderate) all the messages before you distribute then to your members.

  • Access the Lyris web interface (described in point 2 above)
  • Select Mailings >Approvals > Need Approval
  • Click the ID of the message that needs approval
  • Check the contents and click "Send now"

To set a list to moderate all messages you must ensure that the list settings are appropriate.

  • Access the Lyris web interface (described in point 2 above)
  • Select Utilities > List Settings > Email Submitted Content
  • Select the Approval tab
  • Ensure "Is list moderated" is set to "moderated - all messages must be approved

8. Getting help with your list

Lyris has extensive help available at

If you still need help after checking the Lyris manual, please contact

Last updated
4th April 2018