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List responsibilities

The following summarises the roles and responsibilities associated with managing a Lyris mailing list hosted on the State Library of Queensland's server.

List owners

  • Support subscribers by:
    • promptly attending to requests to join, bounced messages, queries about list
    • ensuring confidentiality of personal information
    • encouraging discussion and keeping discussion on track
    • monitoring list for appropriate use and responding quickly and convincingly when discussion contravenes list policy.
  • Transfer list ownership and train list owners in the event that you will no longer be list owner, or in the event of your absence from work.  An alternative is to share list ownership.
  • Manage list settings.

    The list owner can view and change list options that affect privacy, special messages and other aspects of the list's automatic operation. List owners should understand how the options have been set and change only those settings that are not tagged as “mandatory” by the list server administrator.
  • Notify the State Library of Queensland's discussion list manager when list is no longer required


  • Train, support and monitor list owners to ensure compliance with the State Library’s conditions of use and manage the list owners mailing list as a primary communication tool with and among list owners.
  • Develop and maintain list documentation including conditions of use, procedures and FAQs, ensuring that the documentation is available on the web.
  • Conduct annual review of mailing list service.
  • Recommend technical changes regarding mailing list service and procedures to the ICT Service Desk to ensure smooth operation of the service and to continue to improve lists.
  • Act as the primary interface between list owners and ICTS.

    For example: Marketing staff interact with the ICT Service Desk to ensure that the list is recoverable, that server capacity is adequate and that any server maintenance is coordinated with list owners in advance, thus ensuring that outages can be published in advance and all such outages are handled in a professional manner.

Information Communications and Technology Services (ICTS)

ICTS at the State Library is responsible for providing a reliable and secure technology platform for the smooth operation of the State Library’s mailing list service. ICTS works in partnership with Marketing who will communicate with the list owners. ICTS roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of the Lyris ListManager software.
  • Configuration and administration of the server(s) and operating system(s) supporting the Lyris ListManager service.
  • Coordinated planning, testing and installation of updates, patches and upgrades to Lyris ListManager software and supporting software including operating system(s) and database software.
  • Performing regular backups of Lyris configuration and data store to ensure recoverability of Lyris ListManager lists, membership and archives.
  • Ensuring the availability of the Lyris ListManager service.
  • Compliance with Lyris ListManager and other supporting software licenses.
  • Capacity and performance planning in coordination with RD to establish guidelines and requirements for list archiving and retention settings.
  • Interface with Exchange Global Address List to allow lists created to be accessed from Outlook Address Book. (For SLQ lists only)
  • Creation of list and archive settings and options in conjunction with RD.
  • Familiarisation with the Lyris ListManager server administrator manual and other Lyris ListManager manuals.
  • ICT Service Desk to assign requests for support to RD in a timely fashion.
  • ICT Service Desk to provide RD with timely outage notification information and timeframes to allow appropriate client notification for planned outages.
Last updated
29th June 2012