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The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) is the professional association for the library and information sector in Australia. The Association works closely with educators, employers and practitioners, to ensure high-quality educational programs are available. ALIA provides access to a broad range of training and development opportunities relevant to everyone working in the sector.

The Informed Librarian Online (ILO) is a current awareness service for library staff and IKC staff to keep up-to-date with professional reading and librarianship.


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Add citations to Wikipedia

Why contribute?

English Wikipedia has over 380,000 [citation needed] statements, thousands of articles needing more references and 210,000 articles on English Wikipedia with no references at all.

As Library professionals, you are the right people to be editing Wikipedia.

How can I help?

  1. Add a citation to Wikipedia anytime.
  2. Add a citation to an article on your town, local feature or area of interest.

Citation Hunter 

Use a Wikipedia tool to identify web pages based on your subject of interest that need citations added

How to add a citation

  1. Find an article that needs a citation. There are many ways to do this. You can Fulfill a “Citation Needed” using Citation Hunt; you can find an article with sourcing problems; you may run across an article while browsing (look for that “citation needed” template).
  2. Find a reliable source that can support that article
  3. Add a citation using Wikipedia Style. Click here to learn some basics about editing Wikipedia and adding citations.
  4. Add the project hashtag #1Lib1Ref in the Wikipedia Edit Summary when you save your edit
  5. Share your edit on social media with #1Lib1Ref and encourage others. (optional)
  6. Feel good! You’ve left Wikipedia better than you found it!
    (from hanging; retrieved 01/02/2017)

#1Lib1Ref: The Wikipedia Library

What is #1Lib1Ref?

#1Lib1Ref (One Librarian, One Reference) started in 2016 as a worldwide campaign encouraging librarians to add one reference to Wikipedia to benefit Wikipedia readers worldwide. This year’s campaign ran from 15 January to 3 February, 2017.

More information

Multicultural Services webpages - allow library staff and clients to find information on their local public library – which will link to the Queensland public library directory and a public library information page/promotional resource as well as: Welcome to your public library, available in 45 languages,
Electronic resources, links to English and literacy programs. The Multicultural Services pages are in English with Google Translate on each page.

Train the Internet trainer (PDF 475 KB) For new and experienced trainers wishing to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge in order to provide effective community training.

Last updated
29th March 2017