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Download and play the OzoFarm game.

Win $500 Ozobot prize pack for your library

Technology is changing the way we farm. Cows are milked in robotic rotary milking dairies. Drones are herding and surveying cattle from the skies. Driverless machines are tending crops.

It is not hard to imagine robots being involved with all stages of crop farming – from planting, fertilisation, spraying, weeding and monitoring, to harvesting, packing and transportation.

Coding and robotics will be central to farmers of the future. By learning the language of programming, farmers can create the solutions needed for 21st century farms.

Digital farming skills are particularly important in Queensland, the state with the highest proportion of agricultural land (79%) of all the states and territories in Australia (ABS, 2012).

In 2012, Queensland helped Australia produce 93% of the total volume of food consumed in the nation, as well as contributed to the 60% of Australian produce exported, helping to feed some 40 million people outside Australia each day (ABS, 2012).

Queensland’s major contribution to agriculture has prompted State Library of Queensland to create a game and invite public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres to learn coding, and support the development of programming skills using the OzoFarm game.

First, we want you to play the OzoFarm game; then, we want you to make it better!

For your participation, the library deemed to have developed the best new OzoFarm game by a panel of judges will win an Ozobot prize pack (valued at over $500), courtesy of Education Technology Specialists.

To download the Game Rules, Game Board and Competition Details, including ideas for making your game better, visit the Ozobot page.

Last updated
1st January 2019