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Bee-bot image Bee-Bot

Bee-Bots are an exciting programmable floor robot for Early Years and Primary School children.  The simplistic controls and friendly design allow children to quickly start using the little robot, from directing it to move forward or backward and turn left or right.

How do I use a Bee-Bot?

You will need:

  • At least one charged Bee-Bot (uses 3 x AA batteries)
  • Floor space for the robot and children to move around.

You can create an obstacle course or a map of your community and let the robot navigate its way from start to finish.

To get started and see the Bee-Bot in action, watch this YouTube video (31 seconds).

More “How to” videos can be found on YouTube.

Be creative in your library

As well as having adventures navigating a map (PDF 585KB | DOCX 6860KB ) or an obstacle course, you can have children spell out words using letters on the floor. Involving children in the design process will encourage participation and development of problem-solving skills as they discover for themselves what works well.

Useful resources to spark your creativity include:

You can adapt this Activity Planner template  (DOCX 72.6 KB) for use in your library. To share your workshop ideas or other creative library activities you develop, contact us at

How can I get a Bee-Bot?

Current suppliers in Queensland include Education Technology Specialists. The price may change but is currently $109.00 including GST, plus shipping.

Last updated
1st May 2018