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Cubetto, a screenless entry point to the world of coding, is designed to teach children the basics of computer programming through hands on play. Suitable for children aged 3 and up, Cubetto is made of tactile and hard-wearing wood.


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How does Cubetto work?

Placing command tiles on the control board to tells Cubetto where to go. Pressing the blue button tells Cubetto to execute the actions.  Designed to be a coding language young people can touch and manipulate, each block is an action; combine them to create programs.

Download the User Guide

Hands on coding for ages 3 and up

Video Length: 1:24

Coding for all ages and abilities

Cubetto turns coding into a tangible, young age-appropriate experience that aims to reduce screen-time, increase engagement and enhance learning. Coding with Cubetto happens with hands-on coding blocks, which means children can use it irrespective of reading ability or language barriers.

Due to its tangible coding language Cubetto does not rely on written word for young people to engage with it. This makes it suitable for ESL, non-sighted children and children with a variety of Special Educational Needs.

Using Cubetto provides an opportunity to practise life skills such as collaboration and hands-on play while helping to develop other important skills such as spatial awareness, teamwork, and storytelling (a library favourite!).

An optional pack of coding blocks are available which expand Cubetto’s movements to include negation and random functions, allowing older users to create more complex code sequences.

Resource links

To help get you started have a look at the Teacher’s Guide published on the Cubetto website.

You can also enter your details on the website to receive some ready-made lesson plans that have inspiring ideas for library programs.

The Cubetto Playroom features a number of easy-to-implement activities:

View videos on the Primo Toys YouTube channel for more ideas and inspiration.

How can I get the Cubetto kit?

State Library of Queensland has Cubetto kits available for loan.  To request a kit, search the RLQ online catalogue for “cubetto” and use your library membership login to reserve. For information, contact

The Cubetto kit contains two Cubetto sets, including Cubetto, control pad and multiple story mats.

Last updated
11th January 2018