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LEGO robot imageLEGO® MINDSTORMS®  Robots

Why LEGO® Robots?

LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 robots can be used to bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning into libraries.

LEGO® Mindstorms® help libraries to:

  • Build digital literacy, critical thinking and creativity
  • Link to curriculum based learning being taught in schools
  • Solve challenges using a learning by doing approach
  • Bring robotics and coding learning to the entire community

Learn about FIRST LEGO League

Video length: 1 min.

How can LEGO® robots be used in libraries?

This robotics platform can be used in either structured, pre-planned workshops or flexible on-the-spot learning or demonstrations. For programming ideas, visit the LEGO® Education website and explore ideas.

Everything you need comes in one box. You begin by building your robot, following the step-by-step visual instructions characteristic of LEGO® products.  Then, after downloading the free EV3 Programmer App to your computer (PC or Mac) or tablet, you can program the robot to move and carry out actions (see image below).  You can also use a smartphone or tablet as a remote control to steer the robot.

You can take the robot apart and start over, time and time again for new learners.

See a list of libraries that you can contact about their LEGO® robotics program

Discover the possibilities and programming behind a LEGO robot

Introducing 'EV3 Programmer' App for Tablets LEGO Mindstorms EV3!

Video length: 1 min.

Tips from Moreton Bay Library

Moreton Bay is one of 19 Successful FIRST® LEGO® League Robotics Grant recipients and the first to organise a community competition through this grant program. Moreton Bay provided weekly workshops for 6 weeks with a small group of young people using the LEGO® Mindstorms® kit. Their key learnings are as follows:

  • Incorporate a mentoring structure during the program
  • Develop partnerships where possible. For example, a partnership with Robotics@QUT ambassadors was very useful as it created a better ratio of mentors to participants
  • Build a strong foundation with secondary teachers from the local schools
  • Share all aspects of FIRST® LEGO® Australia training with your LEGO® Robotics team, including the tournaments (set up table), goals and team spirit, even if not specific to local program.

Useful resources

LEGO Programming Software LandscapeHow can I get a Lego® Mindstorm® Kit?

State Library has Lego Mindstorm® kits available for loan to RLQ libraries (and to independent library services, subject to availability). Please reach out via the contact details below to check availabiity and make a booking.



1800 017 114

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4th November 2019