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PowerUp- Smartphone powered Paper Planes

PowerUp brings traditional paper airplanes into the modern age of technology by adding a remote-controlled motorised propeller and rudder that really make things fly.


Useful Resources | More designs to try | Video Tutorials

How does it work?

Fold a paper plane in the traditional way, then just clip on the motor and propeller. Fire up the app to connect via Bluetooth, start the propeller and then launch your creation into the sky.  Planes can fly up to 60m, with 10 mins of flight time per charge.

Video: Introduction to Powerup 2.0

video length: 00:35

Powerup in education

Powerup updates a classic idea with a 21st century twist. But this only increases it's value in providing hands-on experience in the principles of aeronautic design, physics and problem solving. Utilising the Powerpup FPV adds a camera option with live video feed, so you really can feel like a pilot in your own cockpit.

Useful resources

Resources developed in partnership with Redland City Council Libraries

More plane designs to try out with your Powerup Kit

Video tutorials

Visit the ‘PowerUp Toys’ channel on Youtube for many more video resources.

Last updated
12th January 2018