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Animalia – Library support material

Graeme Base’s Animalia (Library Edition) takes kids of all ages on a stimulating learning adventure through one of the world’s most beloved and well-known picture books.

Featuring a new animated story, ‘The ABC of Flying’, it brings to life all the major characters from the book as they host a range of interactive activities exploring the intricate detail of Graeme’s amazing artwork. Watch this short demo of the product.

Animalia (Library Edition) can be downloaded on 4 platforms:

Clicking on the links below will commence direct download of the software. Click "Run" to continue installation.


  1. Download the app. Sign in using the code: slq123 (No need to sign in with your library number)
  2. Connect online to sign in, each time you open the app. Then use the app offline

Technical details

Approximate file sizes for the main apps: PC = 50Mb; Mac = 62Mb; iOS = 20Mb; Android = 20Mb. The total size of all activity files is 640Mb.

Promotion ideas


  1. Do we still use real books?
    Animalia complements and augments the printed book and takes the magic of the books into new and exciting areas of learning. The characters, themes, content, and hidden elements in Graeme Base's picture book Animalia is brought to life in Animalia (Library Edition).
  2. Will this run on my computer?
    Animalia (Library Edition) runs on laptop and desktop computers using Windows or Mac OS (including Microsoft Surface devices). The Base Factory does not support Chromebooks.
  3. Will the program work on Tablets?
    Yes. Animalia (Library Edition) runs on iOS and Android. This includes iPad, iPad Pro and iPad mini. The iPad models 2 and 3 can struggle to run some of the animations, and the application will run on iPhones, but the small screen size is not ideal and is not recommended.
  4. Do I have to be online to use the resource?
    You only need to be online to sign in and download the activities. Once the applications are loaded onto a device, you do not need to be online to complete activities.
  5. Can I use this at home?
    Yes. Animalia (Library Edition) is available to all public library members in Queensland anywhere at any time.
Last updated
16th August 2019