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Managing bulk loans

  • Bulk loans from the Languages Other than English (LOTE) collection are available to Queensland public libraries on request.
  • The loan period for bulk loans is 12 months.
  • A library is not required to return an entire bulk loan of a language before requesting another. You are welcome to retain some of a bulk loan to satisfy customer demand until the arrival of your new loan. The timing for the return of the bulk loan should take into account the due dates to avoid overdues.
  • To improve the dialogue with your customers this form is available for use to refine your customer’s interests.
  • You are welcome to stamp / note your library's name on the date due slip in each book. This will assist subsequent requests by your library for the same language.
  • Please do not leave your own library barcodes attached anywhere in or on the book. Please remove any glue residue left by barcodes stuck on books.
  • Individual titles can be reserved via the RLQ catalogue.
  • Marc records are available for download to your library catalogue aiding discoverability of LOTE items and helping the loan and return of items in your library. Contact for details.

Selection by visiting library staff

  • Library staff are encouraged to visit SLQ Public Library Development (PLC) to select their own bulk loans. This enables you and your library staff to become familiar with the LOTE collection and provides the opportunity for selection of stock to suit your local community. Please contact PLC (at least one week prior) if you would like to visit to select bulk loans.
  • Libraries are welcome to schedule visits throughout the year

Selection by PLC staff

  • An online form for requesting a bulk loan is available to public library staff unable to visit PLC.
  • To assist PLC staff selecting LOTE material, ensure you complete the required fields in the online form with as much information as possible including:
    • language
    • preferred genres
    • preferred authors
    • anything unique to the language such as the direction of the script for Chinese
  • After submitting an online form, the details of your request will be displayed for printing.
  • PLC will process your bulk loan within one week of receipt.

Please contact for more information.

Please contact State Library for more information.

Last updated
15th April 2019