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3. Inter-library loans

This Loan procedures manual has been produced for Queensland independent public library staff using the resources provided at State Library.

Table of contents:

3. Inter-library loans

SLQ Public Library Development provides a support service for inter-library loans to libraries.  All collections held by SLQ Public Library Development are available for loan.

3.1 Requests to SLQ Public Library Development

Reserves may be placed on the RLQ catalogue using your library barcode and password. Your library barcode and password is provided to you and will be unique to the RLQ network.  Reserves can be placed for an item that is on loan or on order.  The first available copy will satisfy the reservation.

Reserved items are sent for an eight week loan period - if you need more time you may renew items online through the "Items on Loan" facility on the catalogue.  This will allow you one online renewal, if there are no reservations pending on the item.

Ensure the pick-up location in the catalogue is Public Library Services (PLS).  Staff will manage the loan.  Any questions regarding loans should be directed to - not to individual RLQ locations.

Items may also be requested directly from State Library Collections using the OneSearch catalogue.  Your library name and barcode has been supplied to you and is unique to the OneSearch catalogue.

3.2 SLQ Public Library Development loan periods

Special collections sent in bulk - 12 months (LOTE; Audio books; Adult literacy)

3.3 Overdue notices and accounts

Due to the implementation of the Aurora network State Library has suspended overdue notices and accounts for RLQ libraries. Each library is responsible for following up overdue items with their own library members.

3.4 Lost and damaged books

Should a borrower lose a book or return a book damaged, the Average Price List can be used to determine the replacement charge.

Last updated
12th November 2019