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IKC procedure overview

Download the PDF version of IKC procedure overview (PDF 47.3 KB)

All procedures are documented on the State Library website.

This overview steps through all required processes in IKC Aurora library management with reference to each relevant tip sheet. This overview covers: 

  • Collection refreshment
  • Online catalogue and reservations
  • User record management
  • Item and record maintenance

Collection refreshment

Receiving new items

New collection items are permanently transferred from the collection called Indigenous Library Services (ILS), located at Cannon Hill Brisbane, to your IKC. This includes the following collections:

  • Adult fiction (AF)
  • Adult non-fiction (ANF)
  • Junior fiction (JF)
  • Junior non-fiction (JNF)
  • Picture books (PIC)
  • Audio books (AV)
  • Music CDs
  • Bookclub sets
  • Storytelling kits
  • DVDs.


  1. Collections are permanently transferred to your IKC and when new items are received you should return each item (PDF 83.4 KB) on Aurora so the items indicate they are in your IKC.

Removing old items

Items no longer required in the collection need to be deleted from Aurora (PDF 49.2 KB). Once deleted and the barcode is covered with a sticker, items can be distributed to the community or tourists.


  1. When deleting items, ensure you tick the box "delete work if last item deleted".
  2. Cover each barcode with a sticker, so the item is not confused with current items available for borrowing.

Sharing items with other IKCs

Items in good condition can be permanently transerred (PDF 129.4 KB) to another IKC. IKCs may want to swap books with each other especially if they are in the same Council. If the item is no longer wanted or is a duplicate, it can also go to another IKC. Items requested by one of your customers, send from another IKC, can stay in your IKC. It does not need to be returned to the IKC that sent it to you.


  1. Make sure you tick the "permanent" box when you transfer items.
  2. Make sure you select the correct location before transferring items.

Online catalogue and reservations

The IKC online catalogue allows users to make reservations, add reviews, make suggestions, view reading lists, access eresources and view their account details.


  1. IKCs should encourage users to search the IKC online catalogue within the library and at home.
  2. Online catalogue training should be provided to all users.
  3. The IKC online catalogue should be freely available to all users on library computers.
  4. ALL items in the IKC online catalogue can be reserved from anywhere in the network.

User record management

All IKCs within the IKC network are required to manage their user records in Aurora.


  1. All users should receive membership cards and a PIN.
  2. Record an active email address for all users so reminder notices may be sent via email.

Item and record maintenance

Books and DVDs can be added, deleted and formats changed by IKCs.

  • Holdings for local items can be added to existing Aurora records.
  • Items can be deleted via deleting items (PDF 49.2 KB) – this includes how to correct mistakes made when adding items to Aurora and unwanted donations.


  1. Items not on the catalogue can be added by State Library staff.
  2. If a mistake is made adding local items, items can be deleted and re-added.


Last updated
22nd June 2015