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7. State Library procedures for public libraries

Information about the general services provided to Queensland public library staff by State Library  - part of the Manual for Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ) libraries.

7.1 Reports

State Library staff are available to liaise with RLQ libraries concerning reports on your libraries turnover rates, collection usage and membership records.

7.2 Overdue notices and accounts

State Library does not send overdue notices and accounts for RLQ libraries. Each library is responsible for following up overdue items with their own library members.

7.3 Lost and damaged books

If a borrower loses an item or returns an item which has been damaged, use the Average book price list to determine the replacement charge, if required. (see Appendices).

Do not charge borrowers for minor damage to items. Such materials are part of usual wear and tear and can be weeded from the collection if required. Do not return damaged items that have been paid for by the borrower. The remnants belong to the borrower who has paid for them. Borrowers losing library materials in floods or fires can claim for them on their household insurance.

7.4 How books are sent to your Library

Refer to Getting it there for information regarding courier and postal services.

7.5 Statistics

The compilation of monthly and annual statistics is an important role of the librarian. Automated systems collect statistics, but library staff must submit annual circulation statistics at the end of each financial year.  (See Appendix 4 for a master spreadsheet to use during the year).

Each library’s statistics form the basis of the Public Libraries in Queensland Statistical Bulletin. This annual bulletin lists statistical information of all libraries in Queensland.

Membership figures include the number of borrowers who joined the library within the month and those who were withdrawn (borrowers who have left town, for instance), or borrowers who have transferred from junior to adult category.

Withdrawal of memberships due to membership updates should also be recorded (Section 3.4 Day to day running of your library). The purpose of a re-enrolment is to verify details, i.e. address, phone number and to remove borrowers who no longer use the library. Remember only members with current registration can successfully access eresources.

Recording the number of reference enquiries and physical visits along with computer usage and library programs all need to be collated by library staff. Recording forms for reference enquiries can be adapted for all other purposes.

The annual statistical return should be submitted to State Library at the end of each financial year. Please keep a copy for your files.

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