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6. Request service

Information about the extensive request system provided to Queensland public library staff by State Library  - part of the Manual for Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ) libraries.

Table of contents:

6.1 Submitting requests on RLQ Online Catalogue

Registered RLQ library users can search for and reserve items through the RLQ online catalogue.

Every RLQ library user has a password or PIN that allows items to be reserved directly from the RLQ online catalogue.

Each library user nominates their library pickup location. A library receives the request and sends the book to the user’s nominated library. The receiving library then keeps the book as part of their collection. Special collections may be returned at any time. If a new title is not held in the RLQ collection the user may submit a suggestion for purchase via the online catalogue.

6.2  Books in State Library Information Collections

Books are supplied by State Library from the information collections for a 6-week loan. It is possible to use the State Library catalogue to request items directly from the State Library collections at Southbank. This service is available to individual members.  Public libraries in Queensland may also manage holds on behalf of individual users by logging in to the One search catalogue using the library’s username and password. You can email questions regarding your request to

When requests are received for books held in State Library Information Collections (see Section 8.6.1), they are retrieved and despatched to you (6 weeks loan). Although most of these requests can be fulfilled, there are some categories of material that cannot be borrowed. Items in the following collections are not available to borrow: John Oxley Library and Australian Library of Art collections, LP records, electronic media including CD-ROMs and computer discs, fragile items, newspapers, reference sources, items on display. Items not available to borrow may be used at State Library or in some instances they may be copied.

6.3 Books not in RLQ

When requests are received for books not held in RLQ, the system is checked to see if they have been purchased and are on order. If so, reserves are placed on them and they are sent straight to you when they arrive from the library supplier.

Sometimes requests are made for books that are neither in RLQ stock nor on order. When this happens:

  • the title may be ordered from our library supplier (if it is in print and suitable for purchase); or
  • if you have indicated that you want us to check other libraries in Australia, then we do. In cases where the book is held somewhere else, it is requested on your library's behalf through inter-library loan; or
  • your request is returned to you saying the item is unavailable.

6.3.1 Inter-library loan

Items may be obtained from libraries that are not part of State Library. If you wish us to check other libraries, you must complete an inter-library loan request form. Inter-library loans may take quite a while to arrive at your library. Make sure your borrower is prepared to wait and really does want this item.

Last updated
9th October 2019